Industrial Solution

Pakistan is also known for industrialization. Solar panel services are the best solution to making less use of non-renewable sources to save them for the future.

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Industrial Solution

Pakistan is also known for industrialization. Solar panel services are the best solution to making less use of non-renewable sources to save them for the future.

This sector has the highest energy usage as compared to any other sector of the country. Due to the great workload in industries, they have more power load. A power outage could have a significant negative influence on industrial operations and can be highly difficult for business owners. The issue has been exacerbated as a result of the increasing electricity costs, and many firms have moved to alternative ways which are easier to use. Solar power plants turned out to be the user because the industrial sector uses a large area and solar panels work best in those areas. On a bigger scale, clean and environmentally friendly energy production is also beneficial to the environment. We are best at providing the best solar solutions in the industrial sectors of different power capacities.

Off Grid Solution

The electricity generated by an off-grid solar system is stored in a storage battery rather than being connected to the grid. During the day, your solar panel system will generate more electricity than your home can use. The extra electricity is utilized to charge a storage battery, which is used to provide electricity at night because when the solar power system is generating relatively little.

Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • It avoids power outages
  • It reduces electricity costs more
  • It is easy to install
  • It provides an alternative power source for rural areas

On Grid Solution

A solar panel system is connected to and also operates with the help of the utility grid is known as an on-grid system. When your solar panels produce energy that is less than the use, when the home uses more energy, then the power grid steps in to fill the gap. On contrary, when the solar panel system produces more electricity than the usage of the home, the excess is fed back into the grid and distributed to other electrical customers. Your home receives electricity from the grid at night, because at night time the solar panel is not producing that much.

Its major advantage is that it has better ROI. Cost of an On-grid solar system is lower than other types of solar systems because there are no batteries. It also generates the highest amount of power compared to other types of solar systems.

Hybrid Solar Solution

When your solar panels are connected to the power lines of the grid and have a battery backup system to store surplus electricity, you have a hybrid system. The sun energy is absorbed by the solar panels, which are then converted into useful electricity via an inverter. Electricity is then delivered to your home, your battery, or the grid. Modern hybrid systems integrate solar and battery storage into a single unit and are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, because the cost of battery storage is falling, systems that have already been linked to the energy grid can now benefit from it as well. This entails the ability to store solar energy produced throughout the day and use it at night. When the stored energy runs out, the grid steps in to provide a backup, giving consumers the right balance. Hybrid systems can also charge the batteries with less expensive off-peak electricity.

Our Services

Residential Solution

We ensure the best solar panels are planted in your homes, which light up your homes and economically support you well.

Commercial Solution

In Pakistan, energy and power are so expensive. We are here to provide the best solar panel system due to the increasing need for power

Industrial Solution

Pakistan is also known for industrialization. Solar panel services are the best solution to making less use of non-renewable sources to save them

Net Metering

Net Metering plays a very important role in solar panel system. It enables them to generate more energy so that it can’t be used later.

Our Projects

Recent Solar Panel Installations

By going sunlight-based, you produce your needed power straightforwardly where you use it. The spotless and sustainable power you are delivering doesn’t simply benefit your family, it helps the local area.

Why Choose Pakistan Solar Solution

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Energy independence

Decreasing your reliance on the grid helps to reduce the likelihood of blackouts.

The National Grid has already warned businesses to be more cautious with their energy use – otherwise, they’ll need to impose electricity sanctions because they can’t support demand. Demand is set to grow further with the rapid uptake of electric vehicles, but installing solar panels on your business premises would enable your company to generate its own energy from the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

The estimated price for a solar system ranges around PKR 544,500 in Karachi. Though it is a little expensive but its benefits are countless.

As in Pakistan, the rates of power energy are so high, so it is worth it for sure to spend money on solar systems. It is a one-time investment and then for a lifetime, it is very suitable for both your home and wallet.

The lowest price of solar panels in Pakistan is 6,600 currently. Many companies in Pakistan provide solar panels of low prices and good-quality.

These panels cost around PRs. 8,000/- PKR which is quite affordable. The cost of 150-watt solar panels also varies with factors like the production capacity, international price fluctuations, semiconductor quality, etc. 

  • These are the properties of the best solar panels in Pakistan.
  • It gives you control over your electricity.
  • Provides clean and renewable energy
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Qualifies for tax breaks
  • Save more money than before.

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