Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar energy systems take a combination of both grid-connected and off-grid setups. The utility grid provides electricity for typical building loads in a hybrid system, and the meters control how much electricity is used.

However, like an off-grid system, hybrid systems store the surplus energy in a battery bank for later use. Solar panels, a controller, solar inverters, batteries, meters, and the utility grid are the primary parts of a hybrid solar energy system.

  • Hybrid solutions are less expensive than off-grid solar systems.
  • They make it possible to regulate electricity effectively and be completely independent of the power grid.
  • Hybrid systems allow you to use energy even during high-demand times.
  • Less power from the grid is needed thanks to these methods.

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Hybrid Solar Solution

Hybrid solar panel systems are similar to a grid solar system but use batteries to store energy for later use. This ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to also operate as a backup power supply during a blackout, similar to a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

3KW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

Multiple service providers have their own system costs. On the other hand, Pakistan Solar Solution has established extensive connections with worldwide solar equipment suppliers, allowing it to provide these goods to Pakistanis at surprisingly affordable prices. The 3KW Solar System Price is the lowest of any provider in Pakistan. You can get these solutions around PRK: 600000.

5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan

An average family needs 5 KW, regardless of whether they live in a 5 Marla or 10 Marla home. As a result, a 5-kilowatt solar hybrid system is the best option for any home. The cost of a 5 kilowatt (KW) hybrid solar inverter can vary from PKR: 1000000 to PKR: 1200000 in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the only real variation in cost between 5 KW hybrid solar inverters is the pricing of different brands.

10KW Hybrid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan

Solar hybrid 10 KWA inverters can be utilized in a canal home in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the 10 KW hybrid solar inverter is the priciest hybrid solar inverter, with a price range that exceeds PKR: 1700000. In Pakistan, a one-canal home only needs a 10 KW hybrid solar system to power its basic electronics. Moreover, the torque capacity of these hybrid solar inverters is rather high.

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Residential Solution

We ensure the best solar panels are planted in your homes, which light up your homes and economically support you well.

Commercial Solution

In Pakistan, energy and power are so expensive. We are here to provide the best solar panel system due to the increasing need for power

Industrial Solution

Pakistan is also known for industrialization. Solar panel services are the best solution to making less use of non-renewable sources to save them

Net Metering

Net Metering plays a very important role in solar panel system. It enables them to generate more energy so that it can’t be used later.

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Recent Solar Panel Installations

By going sunlight-based, you produce your needed power straightforwardly where you use it. The spotless and sustainable power you are delivering doesn’t simply benefit your family, it helps the local area.

Why Choose Pakistan Solar Solution

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Energy independence

With the help of batteries, our hybrid solar system allows us to live independently from the electricity provider. You may use your electronics and relax in front of your air conditioner using only solar power and batteries, regardless of whether or not you have access to the power grid. As a result, a hybrid solar system also offers convenience and peace of mind. In the case of a power loss, a UPS is unnecessary if a hybrid solar inverter has been built in your locality. The hybrid solar inverter doubles as an emergency backup during blackouts. Approximately 600 monthly power units may be produced with a 5 KW hybrid solar system. There will be substantial savings on your next bill. In addition, the net metering feature allows you to profit from any power surplus by selling it to any distributor company.

Frequently Asked Questions

They must not be exposed to the air at all. Typically, all inverters are IP 21 and are sensitive to rain and water. In addition, inverters with an IP65 rating are now on the market and may be installed in the great outdoors.

Around eight hundred thousand Pakistani rupees is the price of a hybrid solar system (PKR. 800,000). The higher price of a solar hybrid system in Pakistan can be attributed to two factors. One is the price of batteries, which is often approximately one lac rupees for four tall tubular batteries, and the other is the higher price of a hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan. These long tubular batteries have been developed for solar power systems and include deep-cycle technology. These batteries can withstand a high current load and a high torque load.

The lowest price of solar panels in Pakistan is 6,600 currently. Many companies in Pakistan provide solar panels of low prices and good-quality.

These panels cost around PRs. 8,000/- PKR which is quite affordable. The cost of 150-watt solar panels also varies with factors like the production capacity, international price fluctuations, semiconductor quality, etc. 

  • These are the properties of the best solar panels in Pakistan.
  • It gives you control over your electricity.
  • Provides clean and renewable energy
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Qualifies for tax breaks
  • Save more money than before.

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