Could you imagine a state like California would be struggling to provide its citizens an ample flow of electricity? Sounds quite impossible how the Hollywood state could ever suffer from such a problem. However, global warming hasn’t been very kind as of late. We have seen a complete change in weather patterns. Pakistan has seen its coldest winter spell in history during late 2019 and early 2020.

California suffered from drastic wildfires in 2019. This caused the PG&E to start shutting power to the state of California bit by bit. This was an attempt to curb the damages of the wild fires and to minimize any risk it case the wildfires spread to more populated parts of the state. This caused thousands of residents to be without power in their dark days.

When you’re sitting there in your worst, you start thinking differently. Its apparent all conventional technologies and methods have been getting revamped. Technology and advancements has been changing our lifestyle for the past decade. Its time technology revolutionized the energy sector of the world. For quite some time, we have been dependent on conventional sources of energy like burning fossil fuels.

This dependency has caused our downturn. The world is seeing a steep change in different climates. Karachi, a tropical climate, has never had such harsh cold spells. Australia has just gone through its worst wildfire that has claimed the lives of half a million animals. Energy needs a drastic change. Sunrun, a solar installation company, reported more than 15 times average web traffic during the days of power outages in California.

Sunrun received more publicity due to a research article they had published that described how the use of solar energy and storage battery can help in controlling the wildfire threats in California and the world. Sunrun is providing superb solar services in the western part of the states.

Today’s aging energy infrastructure is ill-equipped to deal with the impacts and risks of a changing climate. We need modern, bold solutions to transform the way that our electricity system works — providing power where people live and work. That means empowering people to develop local clean energy, including home solar and batteries as we transition to 100% clean energy for all

said Anne Hoskins, a senior level director at Sunrun.

Tesla also took this opportunity to boost his own solar panel initiative by offering $1,000 off for victims that has been affected by these Californian fires. The energy sector is seeing huge investments in renewable energy and experts are banking on the fact that renewable energy will be a norm in the coming 15 to 20 years.

Solar One, another solar startup that operates in the East Coast, is currently working on a program that will include both solar installation and storage facilities for New York City. Even the big apple is investing in innovative energy solutions. The Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery is funding this project at Solar One. Phase 1 of this program includes installing solar and storage at a family services building, volunteer ambulance stations and a school.

Sr. Teresa Barton, principal of Villa Marcia Academy, recalled of their hardships when Superstorm Sandy had messed up the power supply of the city. The students, school and community had to function for about a week without power. However, she is ecstatic about this decision from the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery for investing in solar power solutions in case some horrendous event like this occurs in the future.

SEIA has stated that that from 2020 to 2030, the USA will see huge increase in investment in solar installations. They further proclaimed that by 2030, 20% of electricity produced in the USA will be by solar energy. The current figure stands at 2.7% in early 2020. All the research and expert opinions point in one direction, energy is getting a makeover and solar is the way to go.

Even assemblies, congresses and political figures are now starting to move towards promoting solar and renewable energy over conventional energy. This change in perspective is welcoming as we move towards green energy and a more sustainable solution. The House of Representatives have unveiled a detailed clean energy package that includes a 5 year extension and 30% tax credit and more incentives for energy storage.

Last fact of the day, the U.S. Energy Information Administration found a sizeable increase in solar systems including small scale PV systems to 13.7%. This is good news as these small sized PV systems provide a huge chunk towards generating solar energy. We’ve seen growth in residential solar solutions, we’ve seen government playing an active role in promoting this industry, and technology has made this a cheaper solution.

We are currently in the middle of great advancements. We have seen new technologies become obsolete in this quick paced era. Conventional energy solutions have wreaked havoc on our environment. Crude oil has long since been the corner stone of international conflict. The automobile industry is going electric and it’s about time our houses and business go green too.

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