Pakistan’s Solar Vision

To Revolutionize Energy Mix & Take Responsibility

We are the Solar Energy Specialists driven to create an affordable and a clean energy future for commercial & industrial entities in the region. A one stop solution to eliminate your ongoing energy crisis. A simple procedure that enables our customer to understand what they required and choose from a wide range that we have to offer reduce energy costs by up to 30% maximum your saving and lower your electricity bills solar solution provide for your commercial ,residential and industrial needs

Let Us Help You Save Money!

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar


D/21 SITE, Block I, #8, Mangopir Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: +92-333-234 8663


50 - M Block 6 P.E.C.H.S Near HBL Nursery Branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: +92-21-37249305, +92-333-1031084

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